Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sarah & Peter

It was a very cold but bright sunny December Saturday when Sarah & Peter got married!

Everyone had a great day, yes it was freezing, yes there was snow on the ground, lots of it but that did not stop the Bride & Groom and all of the Guests having the best time and so much fun, with the toffee vodka shots flowing no one really noticed the cold!

Sarah was being taken to Church in a Blue Rolls Royce but before that could happen we had to clear not just the drive but the whole road up to the main road so that the car could make it to the house and this was done with the help of Mum & Dad's fabulous neighbours.

Once safely in the car it was just a short drive to the church were Sarah & Peter were married among their family and close friends.

It was then time for the photographs and this proved to be slightly tricky in high heels and 4 inches of snow, but with a steadying hand from her new husband, Sarah managed to stay on two feet at all times and with the promise of warming drinks back home everyone braved the cold and joined in the photo shoot.

Back at home we had the marquee ready and the heating on full blast, and the champagne was literally on ice!

We greeted the Guests with trays of Vodka Shots and the steaming hot food buffet was served to warm everyone up!

There was a very special moment during the cake cutting when it was revealed that the Groom had insisted on making the Wedding Cake as his contribution to the Wedding Plans.

It was very beautifully decorated with the month of December in mind with a cute Mr & Mrs Snowman.

It tasted good as well!

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