Monday, 21 September 2009

Patrick Swayze

Patrick & Lisa Swayze
As we have all heard Patrick Swayze died last week after a brave battle with cancer. This weekend I was reading The Mail on Sunday and they had an extract from Patrick & Lisa's book 'The Time of My Life' its a moving account and I was particularly sadden but also somehow happy to read about their renewal of vow ceremony that took place last Summer.
Being the cowboy that he is Patrick Swayze road into the ceremony on a white stallion, which was perfect for our romantic lead hero but it was their vows to each other that I thought were really beautiful.
Lisa's vows:
'While the future is an unknown, the one thing I do know is that I will love you. I'm very lucky to have found you in my life and am grateful that I have had the ability to open my eyes and see what I have. Because what I have, the love, the greatness and enormity of what I feel informs everything around me and brings me back to what I cherish most. And in cherishing the most there is for me, I cherish you more'.
Patrick's response was:
'How do I tell you how lucky I feel, that you fell into my life? How grateful I am that you chose to love me? I know that because of you, I found my spirit, I saw the man I wanted to be. But most of all, you were my friend. Together we've created journeys that were beyond anything we could imagine. Journeys that dreams are made of......Yet you still take my breath away. I'm still not complete until I look in your eyes. You are my woman, my lover, my mate and my lady. I've loved you for ever, I love you now and I will love you for ever more'.
Taken from The Mail on Sunday. The Time Of My Life byPatrick Swayze & Lisa Niemi 20.09.09

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