Friday, 14 August 2009

Amanda Brady - Distinctly Floral

We recently worked with Sarah & Barry on their wedding day & we had such a great time. Sarah had chosen Orchids as her flowers for her wedding & they were just stunning.
I asked Amanda Brady for some tips on using Orchids for a wedding & this is the advice she gave me:
"Orchids are fabulous flowers to add a touch of glamour and “wow” to a wedding. They used to be a sign of wealth in times gone by due to the cost required to cultivate them, hence the orchid houses at Kew Gardens.

These days they are much more readily available and are wonderful for weddings. There are a range of orchid varieties available, including phalaenopsis (or moth) orchid which is most popular for bridal bouquets and look beautiful as shower bouquets, or with individual heads added to hand-tied bouquets.

Other varieties include the slightly waxy and very robust cymbidium orchid which are great for table centres or even overarm bouquets; these are very wilt resistant and individual heads can even be scattered on tables for an additional touch of glamour, or floated in votives or low bowls. Dendrobium or Singapore orchids are a slightly smaller headed orchid and can be used as a secondary flower or are more commonly used in corsages; they also look fabulous on mass in tall vases.

Our favourites are the more unusual vanda orchids especially the striking Blue Magic which is in fact a deep purple. These are more like the phalaenopsis orchids in shape, but are very hardy and have been known to last months as a cut flower.

For Sarah and Barry, we chose the white phalaenopsis orchid as the primary flower and added the cymbidium orchid as the secondary flower and to add additional height to the tablecentres.

Using just orchids throughout the wedding gave the overall look a classy, elegant and sophisticated feel.

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